ALTORE pour la Corsica Raid Aventure

ALTORE for the Corsica Raid Adventure


  • What is the Corsica Raid Adventure?

The Corsica Raid Aventure is an international sporting event that welcomes “eco-adventurers” from all over the world. The event takes place over five days, during which participants face various events in different disciplines: sea kayaking, canyoning, mountain biking, trail running, ropes course, coastering, mountain running, progression on snow, night events, swimming at sea, orientation course, adventure route. This succession of events takes place non-stop day and night. There are therefore about ten non-motorized sport-nature disciplines associated with the discovery of natural environments, heritage, history, and Corsican identity.



Each year, the course is renewed, which represents 300 km each time! It's a titanic task which testifies to the commitment and the extreme motivation of the organizers of the Corsica Raid.

This year, the race will take place from May 29 to June 3.

« The Corsica Raid Aventure is a non-stop stage race. On each stage there is a succession of different tests, in an overall sequence, the length and difficulty of which vary. The routes include crossing points indicated in the “road-book”. Their passage is compulsory and must be crossed as a team. Several points of assistance punctuate each day.

The Corsica Raid Aventure is run entirely in navigation and on the ground there is no markup. To reach a waypoint, there are sometimes several possible routes. It is up to each team to make its choice according to each person's abilities and, as in offshore racing, the talent of the sailors.

And on the Corsica Raid Aventure we talk more about eco-adventurers than runners. It's a philosophy because in the context of this nature race we like to think that with flawless ethics, a multi-activity race lasting several days can be organized without damage for the most improbable, the most fragile, the most changeable and the most unique of partners, NATURE. »


  • Respect the environment

The Corsica Raid Aventure makes it a point of honor that all the participants, volunteers, and organizers of the race respect certain rules (obvious for some but it is still good to remember it!) of behavior to adopt in nature :

  • Respect for animals: after all, we penetrate their environment. If the participants come across one or more wild animals during their events, they must prioritize the well-being of their animals by slowing down and giving the animals time to get used to their presence.
  • Collect and recycleeverything you take on the raid. Each participant undertakes not to leave any trace of his passage (papers, waste, droppings, etc.)

“We have to be modest, we are a handful of privileged people who play at running, pedaling, canyoning in this nature which, most often, belongs to no one and therefore to everyone. »

  • Do not let the engine runindefinitely when you are waiting
  • Do not throw away your greasy papers
  • Not doing laundryin the waterways

Evidence for some, a need to be remembered for others...

“The Corsica Raid Aventure conveys values that are the very essence of the concept. Inflexibility in nature protection is the absolute rule for us. »



  • An ALTORE team

The Corsica Raid Adventure therefore combines sport and respect for the environment, two aspects that have not remained indifferent to ALTORE. It is obvious to us to participate in this race that combines our two greatest values and core business. Respect for the environment and more precisely eco-responsibility is one of the major qualifications of our brand as well as the technicality of our trail clothing. So it seemed obvious to us that ALTORE should take part in this adventure and make it possible to spread the values that are dear to our hearts all the more. The island of beauty must be properly protected. ALTORE's motto makes perfect sense "Running in nature is good, respecting it in passing is better." We have never been more in line with the values and other guidelines that Corsica Raid Aventure advocates and wants to convey through this ordeal.

The team is made up of 4 riders accompanied by 2 assistants:

Matthieu Camilli
Vincent Giannetti
Vincent Pechereau
Antoine Rocca Serra
Frédéric Bonini
Denis Jay


See you from June 5 to follow the evolution of this race!

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