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How to protect yourself from the heat during your trail races?

The beautiful season is coming, and the sunny landscapes will surely make you want to do a trail session in your favorite place. However, the arrival of summer also means heat, which you must protect yourself from to protect your health. So, find out what are the right actions to adopt for your training and running sessions when it’s hot.

Choose a suitable location

Trail running when it's hot is entirely possible, provided you choose a suitable place to run when possible. Avoid places that are too exposed and choose a run in a forest, or near a stream. In short, it is recommended to practice your trail session in the shade during (severe) heat.

Hydrate yourself properly

Should we remember it again? Good hydration is essential when temperatures rise, and it is even more so during your trail. Drink lots of water, yes, but not just any way! Hydrate yourself before your workout. Then, during the race, try to drink a little water every 10 minutes or so, in small sips. Also don't forget to quench your thirst as much as necessary after exercise.

Practice your trail early in the morning

One of the best ways to protect yourself from the heat is of course to choose a time when it is least strong. For this, the morning is the ideal time, before leaving for work for example. If you're not a morning person, you can also schedule your run in the evening, where temperatures are also lower.

Do not shower directly after the session

You have just finished your trail race, and what you dream of most at that moment is to take a nice refreshing shower. However, you should wait a few moments for your body temperature to cool down again. Take advantage of this moment to hydrate yourself well with water, but also with a carbohydrate drink to give you energy. Then, you can finally enjoy your shower, lukewarm at first, then you can gradually lower the water temperature if you wish.

What trail equipment when it’s hot?

Protecting yourself from the heat also requires adequate trail equipment. When it is hot, it is very important to cover your head to avoid the risk of sunstroke. However, you can remove your headgear in shaded areas to benefit from better ventilation. As for trail clothing, choose breathable clothing, which will facilitate the evacuation of perspiration, to allow your body to cool down more easily.

In conclusion…

In short, trail running when it is hot is entirely possible, provided you take all the necessary precautions for your health. Run in a shaded area, and ideally near a stream, hydrate yourself properly before, during and after exercise, choose times when the heat is less intense and wait until your body temperature has dropped before running. take a shower. Carefully chosen trail equipment is also essential to protect you from the summer heat and the risks it presents.

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