Notre équipe féminine à la Corsica Raid Aventure

Our women’s team at the Corsica Raid Aventure

From May 29 to June 3, the 27th edition of the Corsica Raid Aventure will be held, an eco-responsible race organized and practiced in Southern Corsica, in Monacia d'Aullène. Our Altore team will obviously be there, since we will have 4 of our best female athletes competing. Discover all the details of Altore's presence at Corsica Raid Aventure.

La Corsica Raid Aventure: more information on this race

First of all, it seems natural to us to present to you the race in which we are going to participate on May 29. For 6 days, the Corsica Raid Aventure offers an incomparable experience in the great outdoors to athletes from all over the world. Around ten disciplines are practiced during this sporting event, including of course trail running. Each year the Corsica Raid Aventure competitors compete on a circuit of no less than 300 km, each time renewed to add ever more challenges to the athletes.

An eco-responsible race

At Altore, we strive to make the environment our priority, which is why our trail equipment is eco-designed and made in France. It therefore seemed obvious to us to participate in the Corsica Raid Aventure. Indeed, for more than 25 years, the organizers have analyzed the potential ecological impacts that each of their races can cause in order to limit them, and therefore, to best adapt to nature. This is also the reason why the participants are called “eco-adventurers”, after having signed a charter committing them to respect the environment.

The Altore team participates in the Corsica Raid Aventure

The Corsica Raid Aventure mainly welcomes teams of seasoned raiders capable of braving the technical difficulties of the course. This is why we decided to register our four greatest athletes:

  • Karine Bodineau
  • Marjorie Thomas
  • Sabrina Morette
  • Aurélie Darmaillacq

So don't miss the news from the athletes of our Altore team at the Raid Aventure on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Do not hesitate to leave a comment on our social networks to encourage them during the tests where they will have to surpass themselves.

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