Record du Mare a Mare Centre battu !

Record of the Mare a Mare Center beaten!

Back on this fabulous adventure…


This Sunday, September 19,Pascal Capdevila-specialist in sandalsthe Altore Team- set a new benchmark time on the demanding Mare a Mare Center Corse course by taking the course record to 12 hours and 14 minutes


92 km of Corsican pebbles and 5000 meters of elevation gain… in sandals!

The Gypaete took off at 6:03 a.m. from the beach in the municipality of Serra-di-Fiumorbo, near Ghisonaccia on the east coast, to reach, just over 12 hours later, that of Porticcio on the south shore of the Gulf of 'Ajaccio, west coast.


And we can say that nothing was spared him throughout this long and trying day, so much the rain, the wind and the fog had made an appointment to spice up the adventure...

Weather conditions which in the end will never have had the skin of the unfailing motivation of Pascal, accompanied and supported in the effort by many athletes of the team, taking turns throughout the course.

A real teamwork as we like them at Altore: A close-knit team that reflects the soul of the brand. Performance and perseverance being qualifiers representing both the athlete and the brand.


Thanks to Pascal for giving us these unforgettable moments and for keeping us all in a daze by maintaining a hell of a suspense until the end!

Thank you to the team for responding, without you it would not have been the same

Thank you to all the runners who came to share a little bit of the adventure with us!

Thank you to the bar in Cozzano for offering us shelter and hot drinks and thank you to this inhabitant of Tasso for his warm welcome and his covered terrace!


Finally, thank you all for this great human and sporting adventure!

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