Trail off Altore Juin 2021


It's theJune 20, 2021that the second edition of theALTORE TRAIL OFF.

As usual, the details of this course will remain secret until D-Day...

Registrations are open, it's byhere!

This is an original route, traced in a wild natural space, through paths and paths, woods, rocks or rivers... In short, it's a Trail!
This course with a distance of between 25 and 30 km and an elevation gain of approximately 2,000 m is therefore aimed at seasoned trail runners looking for an authentic Trail.

A reserve of water or energy drink of at least 1L (2 recommended) remains compulsory to take part in the event, as well as at least 1 food such as a bar or energy compote (a bar will be provided to you in the runner's bag ).
The Spuntinu after the race will of course also be the part with buffet, grills and drinks by the natural pools of the Cavu, offered to runners, € 30 for companions who may just as well prefer the dishes or pizzas of our partner The Tyrolean.

Our goal in carrying out this event has always been to offer the 99 participants (and not one more) at all times maximum raw pleasure and without constraints, without official classification or timing. All you have to do is enjoy it!

In the meantime, relive the'ALTORE TRAIL OFFof 2020...

The previous TRAIL OFF which was held on July 19, 2020, had 27 km and 1800m of D+. The race went very well, the best time is attributed to Noël Giordano who won the race in 2h24.

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