Sylvain Court

Sylvain Court

Sylvain Court and Altore

We have the immense joy and the great pride to announce to you thatSylvain Courtchose to trust us for the 2021 season and joined theALTORE TEAM !

theWorld championanddouble champion of Francewill now venture into the colors of ALTORE.

Many projects are planned for this year and some nice surprises too... 

Sylvainshares our values and also wishes to convey strong messages and take a"new direction in my career"as he says himself. He was seduced by this desire to make the textile industry cleaner. Our natural bamboo fiber and recycled polyester t-shirts are a perfect example. OurWorld championis in total agreement with our editorial line which advocates thedurabilityclothing, quality and comfort. A top athlete cannot afford to make concessions on such important points.

Back to his track record

- He was French champion twice, in 2014 & 2016.

- World championand 2015 (84 km and 8h15)

- World championper team in 2015 & 2016

- Winner of the Sainte Victoire trail in 2015 (57 km in 5h 34min)

- Great winner of the Echappée Belleand 2017 (144 km and 27h 54min)

- big winneralsoof the 90 km of Mont Blancin 2018 (11h 24min)

- Premier du Mountain Hard China (22km and 2h 17min)

- Winner of the Aiguilles Rouges Trail(52km and (5h 22min)

Athlete's note

"I am happy and proud to announce the launch 🚀 and start of my adventure with the young and very promising French brand 🇫🇷 Altore (Fattu in Corsica)! "Human values, eco-responsible while offering technical and high-performance products. It is a great pleasure to take this new direction in my career as an athlete and thus participate in the success and development of a French brand."

- Sylvain Court -

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