TRAIL OFF 2021, le debrief…

TRAIL OFF 2021, le debrief…


3 hours to do 30 km at 1600 D+, a runner in sandals, new bearded vultures in theTeam … Heavy, very very heavy to share with you…

The ALTORE TRAIL OFF 2021 therefore took place on Sunday, June 20 in the Cavu Valley, with the best time made bySylvain Courtin 3 hours and 3 minutes!

A look back at this unprecedented race...

At 6.30 am, a small group of about fifty privileged people set out to attack the Cavu Valley and on a 100% new route, specially concocted on the occasion of the 2ndthedition of the ALTORE TRAIL OFF.

The "podium" was finally made up of Sylvain Court (Team Altore) who took first place with a time of 3:03, followed by Pascal Capdevila in 3:21, and completed by Luc Meslier with a time of 3:35.

The women's trifecta is made up of Marjorie Thomas, in first place with a time of 3h44 (8that scratch), by Emilie Micheau (Team Altore) in 3:59 which is therefore in second place and finally Marina Deïana (Team Altore) in 4:24 which rises to third place.

Let me tell you that we are very proud of ourTeam present on both podiums!

We would like to thank once again the association A Punta Bunifazinca for its invaluable help in opening the beautiful paths taken and the sixty or so volunteers present without whom nothing would be possible.

A wonderful day that will remain etched in our memories…


New birds in the Team?!

This second opus of the Trail Off having fully played its role of talent scout, we are therefore pleased to announce the recruitment of Marjorie Thomas and Pascal Capdevila within the Team!

Let's start the presentations with Pascal Capdevila who made a great impression during the Trail Off: Original Parisian trailer, established in Corsica for a year and already well known for his performances, Pascal has a small peculiarity… The young man runs in sandals. Yes yes! And it works pretty well for him! And at Altore, as we do nothing like everyone else, the idea seduced us rather… Pascal's sympathy and his state of mind closest to nature that serves us as a playground having also made the unanimously, what other choice did we have than to welcome him into the Altore family ?!

Please note that sandals are not prohibited for trail running! If you are used to running with "closed" trail shoes, the transition should be done gradually. Indeed, we do not approach technical terrain in the same way in sneakers and sandals. It's a whole different approach! According to the trail runners running in sandals, the feeling is different, the relationship with the ground and nature is different as well as the relationship with your body. Your whole way of running must be adapted to this type of shoe. Altore does not advocate one way of running rather than another, but rather the freedom of everyone to find "the shoe that fits them"!

“I was really looking for how to switch from minimalist to ultra as well and it was reading the famous book Born to run, by Christopher Mc Dougall, that opened my eyes. He recounts the adventures of an ancestral Mexican tribe (raramuris or tarahumaras) living in sharp and very difficult to access canyons, able to run for whole days with simple sandals made from pieces of used tires and rope ties. Once I finished reading, I saw that there were already a few brands specializing in this type of product, I bought my first pair on the internet...and I have never been able to wear shoes since. The freedom that such an approach provides is simply no longer negotiable. »

Pascal, after an overdose of Parisian life a few years ago, decides to completely change his life and begins to rub shoulders with the middle of the mountain. Quickly, in three years, this new hobby became a passion and in 2015 he resigned (from his position as a salesman of running shoes, it can not be invented!) to devote himself solely to outdoor activities including trail running. He then chained the races, we find him on the Trail des Volcans, 58 km in 2018 where he climbed to second place, then he chained the podiums and the places of honor, in particular on the Via Romana, the Montagn'Hard , the Montcalm Marathon and the Templars.

This Thursday, Pascal will leave on the UTC, 110 km from the Restonica Trail, and we will of course keep you informed!



Marjorie Thomas, “a diamond in the rough”.

First female and 8thscratched during the Altore TRAIL OFF 2021

3thfemale of the 2020 edition without any preparation

It may seem unbelievable and yet… Due to his busy life, the training sessions are a little… irregular! And we are hardly exaggerating... But we hope to motivate this athlete with exceptional potential and succeed in polishing some facets...

Marjorie has always been sporty, she played volleyball until she was 23, has always loved sports and outdoor activities, she is also a skilled triathlete, but as far as trail running is concerned, she does not practice it. only since 2016.

In the races that marked it, we find the two editions of the Altore TRAIL OFF and the Oriente trail in 2018 where it will also line up this year.

Marjorie is a fighter who loves difficulty and going beyond her limits, extending distances being one of the objectives...

For the record, as a preparation for the Off, “Marjo” was coming out of 6 days of a Corsica Raid Aventure where she pulled and motivated from start to finish her adoption team (of northern males) at the last minute… You should have seen their faces on arrival, captivated by this "extra-terrestrial"!...

“I'm very touched to be part of the Team, I'm going to take my role very seriously, it's a new adventure that deserves some hard work. I will do everything to honor the brand and the values that it conveys”

This Friday, Marjorie will set off on the Tavignanu Trail, 33 km from the Restonica Trail, and of course you will be kept informed!



What outfit for our runners with this heat during the TRAIL OFF?

Sylvain, Laurent, Emilie and Marina wore the new topBAVELLA 2.0(in white and blue for men and in white and pink for girls) and at the bottom the shortsEAST in white. The BAVELLA 2.0 is the perfect top for hot weather thanks to its featherweight 80 grams. In addition, its composition of natural bamboo fibers allows moisture to be wicked away and dries very quickly. We also remind you that bamboo has remarkable natural properties: absorbent, antibacterial, flexible, light, soft... We talk about it in detail in thisarticle.

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